Over the years, the signalling on the Bluebell Railway has been undergoing regular improvements and, in the 2018 National Railway Heritage Awards, the work undertaken on the signalling at Sheffield Park by the railway was recognised when it was awarded the Siemens Signalling Award. The plaque for the event was officially unveiled on the railway by Richard Angrove of Siemens on Wednesday 23 October.
The sky might have been overcast, but the warmth of the welcome to Rich Angrove and Will Scott, representing sponsors Siemens, was palpable.
Appropriately, the introduction was made by Mike Stanbury – NRHA Trustee, Secretary, a retired former police officer and a fully qualified ‘bobby’ of the railway signalmen variety at the Chappel & Wakes Colne East Anglian Railway Museum.
Richard Angrove then proceeded to pull the well-known miniature lever and the curtain descended to reveal the third plaque awarded to the Bluebell for their signal achievements.
The ceremony was watched by most members of their S&T department, who had been responsible for delivering the award winning project; justifiably proud of their achievement. Good to see the workers so well represented at the ceremony.

The plaque at Sheffield Park, following its unveiling on 23 October with, from left to right, Brian Hymas of the Bluebell Railway, Mike Stanbury, Secretary of the National Railway Heritage Awards, and Richard Angrove representing sponsors Siemens.
Part of the signalling installation at Sheffield Park for which the Bluebell Railway received the Siemens Signalling Award at the 2018 National Railway Heritage Awards.